Does Blended Search Optimization Work for B2B?

by Admin

20 Apr
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by Jody Nimetz

Since May 2007, we have been hearing about Universal Search and Blended Search. Google was the first of the major Search Engines to unveil blended results as part of their main search results in May 2007 with Universal Search. ASK was second in June of 2007, followed by MSN in July 2007 and Yahoo in October 2007. Yet here we are two years later and the discussions have died down a little. When’s the last time you heard someone in your office discuss blended search? Of course there are exceptions and early adopters, but in discussions that I have with many, they are not yet leveraging blended search optimization. How is blended search affecting B2B websites?  Should B2B sites be optimizing for blended search?

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