Get It or Die: Online is your Core Business

by Admin

15 Jun
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by Gord Hotchkiss

In a recent survey, we asked B2B buyers how they prefer ordering the things they order all the time. 63% said they prefer to order them online. The next nearest choice was 15%, who would go the traditional route of ordering from a local office over the phone. Another 12% said they’d prefer to order from a real live sales rep. In a recent presentation to a client, I kept that pie chart of results up for awhile, allowing it to sink in, because I think the implications are astounding. After it sunk in, I asked what I believe to be a fundamentally important question: “Look at the chart and ask yourself, how closely does your company’s strategic direction and resource allocation match that pie chart? That’s where your customers are going, and they’re moving fast. Are you going to be there when they get there?”

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