Facebook Introduces Targeted RTB Ads within the News Feed

by Admin

02 Apr
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by Kyle Grant

In a move that many saw coming, Facebook has announced its plans to start allowing real-time, biddable, targeted ads within the news feed; a move welcomed by many marketers. The News Feed is where people spend the most amount of time than any other part of Facebook. Up until this point, advertisers have been relegated to the right side of the page where ads certainly attract less attention. Advertisers have long known that click through rate on Facebook ads pales in comparison against the click through rates of other major search engines. The move to include the ads within the news feed will improve ads’ visibility and improve click through rates. Some experts believe that the move to include ads within the news Feed will increase the ads response rate by 10 to 50 times that of right rail ads. Facebook is also expecting that the targeted ads within the News Feeds should improve the relevancy of ads for people.

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