Mrkt360 Interviewed at Googleplex To Discuss The Future Of Digital Marketing, AI & Google Voice - What Marketers Need To Know In 2018

by Admin

18 Jan

Top tier digital marketing agency Mrkt360’s CEO, Eran Hurvitz, visited Google’s global headquarters - Googleplex in Mountain View, California on Friday November 17.

Mrkt360 is a full solution digital marketing agency, and a Google Premier Channel Partner. This means that they have a strong track record of growth and success for their clients. On Friday November 17, CEO of Mrkt360, Eran Hurvitz, sat down with one of Google’s Agency Development Managers, John D’zera, at Googleplex to discuss the growth of Mrkt360, their artificial intelligence technology, how they help their clients, to conduct a Q&A, and more.

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