5 Tools For Monitoring Social Media

by Admin

18 Mar
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by Jody Nimetz

If your company has been delving deeper into social media over the past couple of years, you are most likely using some social media monitoring tools and your analytics to track the progress of your social media campaigns.  I’ve mentioned social media maturity models in previous posts at Marketing Jive, so it is not like social media is a new concept or anything.  Like a lot of the new media in the digital age, there are early adopters and then the folks who are a bit slower to adopt new technologies and avenues for reaching their audience.  In fact,  there are many who in late 2009 and here in early 2010 are only being to dabble with social media.  A few years ago, I discussed social networking benefits to the B2B world as many were suggesting (at the time) that social networking served minimal purpose in the B2B space.  We disagreed.  Whether you are in the B2B or B2C space, social media can provide a huge arena for you to intercept and converse with your target audience.

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