Balancing Between Search Engine Marketing and Technical Needs

by Admin

10 Aug
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by Brenda Wright

Achieving the right mix of search engine marketing brilliance and technical savvy for a website can be a challenge.

A recent forum I encountered on 301 redirects brought this issue clearly into focus. I came away with the distinct impression that there were two types of search engine marketing experts in that forum - 'techies' and 'marketers' - each with their own very valid opinions. The 'techies' saw the 301 as a perfect solution to remove pages from a site but retain their value from a search engine ranking perspective and ensure that existing links and bookmarks were directed to the corresponding new page on the site. The 'marketers' appeared to focus on the sales process and the value of the new pages to visitors and preferred to let the search engines find the new pages 'naturally' to avoid the work involved with setting up 301s. It can take a fair amount of time to set up 301s if hundreds of pages are involved.

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