Netvibes Theme Publishing Makes It Easy to Design and Distribute Personalized Page Themes on Netvibes

by Admin

01 Sept
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New visual design tools gives designers 100% control over every design aspect, making Netvibes the Web's fastest and most flexible page publishing platform.

San Francisco, CA -- Since 2005, Netvibes ( has pioneered the movement to make elegantly designed personalized pages easy for anyone to make in just a few clicks of a mouse. Now with Netvibes Theme Publishing -- the first project to graduate from Netvibes Labs -- users can create their own design themes and templates with "click and pick" visual design tools, giving them ultimate control over the look and feel of their creations. These can also be instantly shared with the world via the Netvibes Ecosystem, the Web's largest directory of universal widgets and rich media feeds. This makes Netvibes the ultimate rapid publishing platform for busy Web designers and users alike.

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