Life After SEW for Danny Sullivan

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09 Sept
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by Gord Hotchkiss

This Tuesday, a bomb dropped on the search marketing community. It started, as so many stories do now online, with a simple blog post. After 10 years, Danny Sullivan was leaving Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch. Jaws could be heard dropping around the world. Danny is synonymous with both the shows and the site. And ten years is an eternity in this biz. We just always assumed that Danny's involvement with the two franchises was like bedrock, so permanent you take it for granted. There were others involved, many others, all integral to the success, but make no mistake, this was Danny's gig. The thought of SEW and SES without Danny just didn't jive. Within hours, there was a litany of tributes to Danny Sullivan on his blog. It was almost as if a head of state had passed on. We collectively caught our breath and wondered what was next.

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