Web 3.0 – been there, done that?

by Admin

17 Sept
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by Karl Hourigan

I’ve been reading about Web 3.0, and social media, and forecasts about how internet technology is changing, and changing us in the process. It’s all fascinating stuff, and these are interesting times. Some of the buzzwords that keep cropping up in all this reading are words like “community” and “inter-personal relationships”. As we’ve seen with Web 2.0, people can congregate around niche interests and find like-minded souls, regardless of where their internet access physically originates from. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace are all examples of online social tools for building community, and all of this chatter about Web 3.0 was starting to feel familiar, and not just in an intellectual way but at the emotional level. As I projected myself into the brave new future of 2010 and beyond, it started to feel like something I’d experienced before. And that something was CompuServe.

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