The Extreme Makeover of Integrated Search Planning

by Admin

01 Oct
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by Gord Hotchkiss

This week, I was in New York, talking about Integrated Search Planning. It's one of those industry phrases that you gloss over, not paying much attention to it. It's bordering dangerously close to jargon. As you scan a topic list at a conference, it doesn't really grab you by the throat and drag you into the session room. I wanted to call it something like 'Search: the Shortcut between You and Your Customer', or 'Search, the Vital Online Intersection'. In the end, we compromised on 'Integrated Search Planning: How Organic, Sponsored and Paid can Optimize All Media Spends'. Not really lyrical, but it works.

It's a shame that Integrated Search Planning doesn't sound sexier, because when you spend some time thinking about it, it's a concept that can sneak up and smack you in the side of the head. This is an idea that's immensely powerful.

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