How I reached #1 in Yahoo! Part 1

by Admin

07 Jan
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by Michael Rock

By accident, no all that reading and studying statistics finally paid off. I started out by reading articles from people with opposing views and trying to figure out who was wrong and who was right. To find the right person to listen to I didn't only look at his educational background, but was more interested in his results. Good thing too, because results I found. And I hope people look at my results to help them reach #1.

In the past I had a great working simple traffic tracker on my site that started stated someone visited my site by typing in 'online editor flash sites' into Yahoo!. I went to Yahoo! And typed in the keyword phrase and found out I hit #1 out of 1,040,000 hits! Two weeks later I dropped to #2 and found out that my other site took #1. Now I had the #1 and #2 position in Yahoo!. My world changed forever and at that moment and never will go back. Today I have more sophisticated software, charts, data, articles, and trends referenced for my webs posted on the wall. I maintain contact with forum discussions and receive up-to-date news in my email telling me of changes taking place. I have achieved the top 10 list in the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN) and wish to educate you on how to do the same.

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