How To Offer a Powerful 100% No Risk Guarantee

by Admin

10 Oct
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by Abe Cherian
Copyright 2005

Have you ever noticed with most businesses that you are taking the risk? Here's an example. The other day in a small clothing store, I saw the owner had a sign posted that says, "Absolutely No Refunds After 7 Days." This is a really bad way to destroy goodwill. You don't have to state things negatively.

They're thinking to themselves, "People are going to come and try to return something next week or the week after and we're just not going to do it. We're not going to give them their money back." They put a sign up with that same negative attitude and expect customers to feel at ease when making a purchase.

They could easily have said, "We'll gladly give you a refund of your full purchase price within 7 days - No Questions Asked." This says it better and makes a huge difference.

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