New Version 1.1 of Ajax-powered dhtmlxGrid

by Admin

16 Oct
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Scand released version 1.1 of its Ajax-enabled JavaScript grid control dhtmlxGrid. This version lays special emphasis on grid's possibility to handle great volumes of data introducing such features as paging support and smart rendering. This DHTML grid also enables cell merging, improved drag-n-drop, freezed columns and some new event handlers.

Minsk, Belarus, October 2006 - Scand is pleased to announce the release of dhtmlxGrid v.1.1, JavaScript grid component which brings Excel-like functionality on the web. Besides Ajax support, rich cell editing capabilities and client-side sorting presented in previous version, dhtmlxGrid v1.1 delivers some new functionality including cells merging (colspan functionality), freezed columns, improved cross-browser compatibility and others.

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