The Release of Google Co-op

by Admin

24 May
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by Jody Nimetz

Fairly recently, Google released a few new products. One of the more interesting features within the new items released was Google Co-op. The premise behind Google Co-op is a product that allows so called "experts" to share their expertise. The first thing that I thought to myself was, "Oh great just what we need, more opinionated views on various topics". But you know what, this just might work.

I understand the idea behind this, which is to provide more relevant results to users, but will this really direct users to more relevant results? Will allowing experts to help improve search in the topics that they know best provide the relevancy we are looking for? Well at least this is a step in the right direction, with Google continuing to strive to provide more relevant results. Whether Google Co-op can do this or not is still to be determined. I know from my experience that relevancy of results can always be, and needs to be, improved. The question becomes, even with Google Co-op how is one result determined to be more relevant than another?

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