- New Effective Market Research Option That Won't Take A Toll On Your Budget

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26 Jan
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GLENDALE, WI --, announced today the launch of a new web based survey tool that utilizes a powerful, user friendly interface for creating and managing surveys over internet.

"As far as we know, is the cheapest option available on the market today. With, people will discover the most affordable and convenient way to create and manage their surveys," said Julia Kornilova, president and co-founder of

Big Daddy Heats Up

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26 Jan
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by Rob Sullivan

Google Dance

This phrase struck fear into the minds and hearts of webmasters and SEO firms around the world for years. It was the time of the month when Google would perform a major index update.

It was the time of the month when coffee sales would skyrocket in delis closest to the web firm's offices. And thankfully it's a time long past.

But that doesn't mean that Google has stopped updating; Far from it, in fact. It just means that the updates are smaller and less noticeable.

And it's been that way for about a year and a half now - the smaller but more frequent updates noticed at Google. There haven't really been the major shakeups we were used to seeing - at least until now.

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