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16 Jul
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Search. Save. Sort. Share. From one spot get search results from YouTube™, Yahoo® Answers, Amazon®, and Hulu™, in addition to traditional content, news, images, videos, and music videos. The links you save can be accessed again from anywhere in the world, sort them any way you like, and you can even share them with a friend! Search smarter. Start unurthing.

Los Angeles, CA July 16, 2009 -- The highly anticipated launch of Unurthme marks the beginning of the search revolution with a FREE way to Save, Sort and even Share Internet search results. To prove how simple and intuitive Unurthme is to use, the 2009 Launch is accompanied by an online contest to "Win a new Apple iPod® touch and iTunes® gift card" by unurthing (searching) as many times as possible and by spreading the word; Then invite friends, family, acquaintances, and even frenemies- including those from favorite social networking and bookmarking sites- to do the same. Promotion details are located at

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