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02 Sept
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by Cory Bates

Google Talk started out as a simple tool exactly one year ago today, with your basic IM functions including both voice and text chat. It was having a slow build into the mass market, but there really hasn't been any reason why someone should stop using their MSN or Yahoo! messengers outside of the clean interface and Apple iChat style bubbles. More recently, Google Talk added features that make it more appealing to the demanding IM public, including file transfer, song title display, and the piece de resistance - which no other IM tool has perfected - voicemail. Now they're talking! (pardon the pun) It appeared as if Google had its sights set more on the VOIP market than the chat market, targeting services at the level of Skype and its EBay partnership. What does all this mean? I've adopted Google Talk more readily, not necessarily as my main chat, but it has a place in my taskbar now.

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