Local search has a long way to go

by Admin

19 Jan
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by Rob Sullivan

So I changed search engine hats over the weekend. I became a user researching a product I wished to purchase. It was an electronic gadget so I was able to easily find lots of information on what I was looking for.

I was looking for a device which will allow you to "share" your Cable/Satellite/DVD signal with another TV but send the signal wirelessly. I know they make such things, because I remember seeing them in various flyers some time ago, but I wasn't sure what they were called, or who carried them.

Imagine my surprise when my first weak query on Google returned exactly the right thing in the first position. I think my query was something like "send signal to another TV" or something like that. Now I knew what it was I was looking for - an Audio Video transmitter/receiver that also happens to send the remote signals as well.

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