Search Engine Marketing gets Personal - Part Two

by Admin

19 Feb
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by Jody Nimetz

We've been saying it for months, "search is going to get personal". Personalization of search is not a new concept. As far back as November 2005, Google has been looking at ways to incorporate personalized search into the results they provide. Google has established a number of personalized search products including Google Search History where you can access and manage your search history from any computer. Personalized search is offered as an option whenever you sign up for a Google account, which you need to use AdWords, Gmail or other Google services. You can also add personalization using your manage account page. A few years ago, Google Labs saw the release of Google Personalized Search a service that reorders search results based on your history of past searches, giving more weight to topics that interest you. The inevitability of personalized search is upon us.

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