Latest Innovations from Yahoo!

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24 Feb
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by Manoj Jasra

Usually Google is the search engine known for its innovative new products. Lately, I've noticed some interesting developments from Yahoo! which have started to peak my interest. Yahoo! has had a slow start to 2007 with their latest statement of revenue falling short of financial predictions. However, I expect to see much from Yahoo! in the near future because they don't want to relinquish anymore of their strength in the online space (especially to Google and MSN).

The products that have recently been released and have caught my attention are Yahoo's Suggestion Board and Yahoo! Pipes. The Yahoo! suggestion board is similar to a voting based system that Digg and Reddit have already been using for quite some time, whereas Yahoo! Pipes is a new concept where information from various resources can be outputted to a single location.

NotePage, Inc. Announces RecordForAll

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24 Feb
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Giving Users the Ability to Easily Create, Edit and Publish RSS Feeds

HANOVER, MA - NotePage, Inc. today announced the release of RecordForAll, audio recording and editing software designed specifically for podcasters. With RecordForAll, podcasters have the ability to record new audio files from scratch, or edit and enhance existing audio files.

Podcasts have evolved into a popular means for individuals and companies to expand their reach and improve communications by creating portable on-demand broadcasts.

RecordForAll was designed from the ground up, with ease of use in mind. RecordForAll has an intuitive look, and built in tutorials to walk users through the process of recording and editing their first audio file.

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