Analytics: You cant afford not to track

by Admin

26 Apr
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by Manoj Jasra

Budget, especially for smaller organizations, is often a major factor when researching which Analytics package to implement on a given website. There are business owners who continually push off the purchase of analytics until their company is financially ready to make the leap and online commitment; or until over inflated marketing projections prove to be just that, and mistakes need to be quantified. Something that the majority of business doesn't seem to realize is the immense insight and knowledge they are missing out on by waiting.

It's the same old argument: spend a dollar today or two dollars tomorrow. Put that simply, the answer seems obvious; yet everyday, another person throws his hat into the e-commerce ring, purely on the speculation of Google-like fortunes, some great M&A buy-out, or that mythical IPO of triple digit shares, without considering the concept of 'checks and balances'. Having analytics on your site is something that doesn't take long to pay itself off. In fact, I'm pretty confident in saying that by delaying implementation, you''re probably losing more money through your site in lost revenue opportunities than you''re "saving" by putting it off. So smarten up, and start paying attention.

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