Social Media is all about your “why”, not your “what” or “how”

by Admin

by Rebecca Maynes

Online Media Generation’s OMG Social Media Conference took place on November 20th downtown Vancouver, and with a packed 8-hour schedule it looked to be a promising event – and certainly didn’t disappoint.

The recurrent theme throughout the day was WHY do you do what you do. Not WHAT, and not HOW (because, nobody really gives a s*&!), but WHY. What is the purpose of your business?

One of the opening questions was, what is the ROI of social media? The answer, what is the ROI of your socks!!? It’s something you just have to do. It’s expected. Perhaps a better question would have been, what is the potential loss of revenue by not being on social media? What revenue are you missing out on by not having a strong social media presence? A recent case study shows how $60k in incremental revenue was earned by a Fortune 500 company – $60k they might not have earned had they not had such a strong social presence.

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