A New Local Language Search Engine in the Making

by Admin

23 Jun
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Setooz, a new web search engine, aims to become the world's local language search engine. The search engine, developed by an Indian start-up company, can currently search web pages written in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish. Arabic, Persian and Urdu are to come soon.

Hyderabad, India - June 22, 2009 -- SETU Software Systems P. Ltd., a startup company incubated at IIIT in Hyderabad, India, is preparing to launch a new local language search engine called 'Setooz' (pronounced as say-thuuz). Setooz can search Indian language documents along with many other world languages. In a pilot launch, the search engine is going to support 23 world languages, most of which are European languages. A few Asian languages such as Arabic, Persian and Urdu are also in the pipeline. The company chose these languages as an initial set of pilot languages, and plans to provide Indian language search as a service through popular Indian portals.

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