SEO Positive React to Panda 3.9

by Admin

06 Aug
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The digital marketing specialists at SEO Positive have assessed Google’s latest algorithm update, evaluating the likely effect on website SERPs across the world.
The recent update, dubbed the Panda 3.9, is the latest strain of the original Panda overhaul which hit the web in February 2011. Designed to target sites with poor quality, thin or duplicate content, the Panda saw sites of all industries drop from the first page of Google, causing chaos across the SEO world. The latest refresh is expected to focus on similar black-hat techniques, also incorporating bad link-building practices into its list of targets. Expected to impact 1% of all search results, the update is not expected to be as significant as its original introduction; nevertheless it is likely to cause a certain level of disruption within the search engine positions.

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