Targeting Your Search Campaign: Seeking 42 Year Old Female in Kalamazoo

by Admin

15 Dec
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by Gord Hotchkiss

Search marketers love granularity in campaign management. Correction. We love the results of granularity. That's an important distinction. Do search marketers want to spend 98% of their remaining time on earth manually tweaking a 50,000 keyphrase campaign? Not me. But we also don't want to set on the broad match 'auto pilot' and let the campaign fly itself. In a marketing channel as measurable as search is, we can't get the highly optimized success rates we're looking for unless we roll up our sleeves and get dirty.

So here we sit, awash in spreadsheets and rule based bid management tools, with metric acronyms (ROI, CPA, ROAS) up to our earlobes, wading through a tsunami of numbers, hoping at the end of it all that there will be a bottom line result that brings a smile to our client's face. Some are born to numbers, and some of us have numbers thrust upon us.

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