Duplicate Content can get You Banned

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11 Mar
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by Rob Sullivan

By now everyone should know that duplicate content can (and likely will) get you penalized if not banned in the search engines.

But many times, we get questions asking what exactly duplicate content is? For example, we recently walked a client through a major transition and they were planning on hosting multiple copies or articles in various locations throughout the site.

Google Google Under Fire, But Search Is Strong

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11 Mar
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by Joseph Pratt

Could the Sports Illustrated Jinx, where teams and athletes featured on the cover famously flounder soon after publication; have spread to their fellow Time, Inc. weekly Time Magazine? This week the boys from Google are gracing Time's cover and from their easy smiles (and a byline that mentions Internet domination) you'd think that the transformation is complete: Google has finally 'pwned' us all! Well, a theory that there is some kind of jinx fits because Google seems to be getting it from all angles now. But with all the piling on, it's important to remember that Google's core business, search advertising, is still very much a winner.

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