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As mentioned in our last newsletter, Google is currently rebuilding its index. Rumor has it that Google also tries to fight artificial link manipulation with this update.

People with connections to Google developers pointed out that Google was working on better ways to determine the quality of web site links.

Google's problematic ranking algorithm

The problem with Google's current algorithm is that many people don't link to relevant pages anymore. Many people just link to web sites with a special PageRank and they only accept links from pages with a special PageRank. This dilutes the quality of the links and the quality of Google's search results.

Google has recognized the problem. Among other many other things, Google might show bunk back links, it might not update PageRank, or it might manually penalize some sites for buying or selling PageRank links to solve that problem.

What does this mean to you?

We've mentioned it in our newsletter before: it's not important to get as many links as possible. It's important to get links from related web sites. The PageRank of a web page is not important. The content of the other web site is important.

If you see a good web site with good content that has a low PageRank you should trade links with that site if that web site is useful for your visitors. One day, that page might have a higher PageRank and it will still link back to you.

Which links are the right links for your site?

Ask yourself: Is the web site related to your site? Would it make sense for web surfers if they linked to you and you linked to them? Could visitors of the other web site be interested in your site? If you find a web site you would want to visit or your visitors would want to visit then link to it and ask for a link back to your site.

Google changes its rules on a regular basis. Although the rules regularly change, Google always tries to do the same: it tries to find the most relevant pages for a special topic. If you trade links with related pages and if these links are relevant to your web site visitors, your web site will be one of the pages that Google finds relevant because your web site is relevant.

How to find and manage relevant link partners

If you haven't tried it yet, download a copy of our link popularity tool ARELIS now. ARELIS is a software tool that helps you to locate potential link partners. It also helps you to contact these link partners and to manage them in an easy to use program. In addition, ARELIS creates custom link pages in your web page design with a few mouse clicks.

Link building is an essential part of successful web site promotion. If incoming links didn't have a great impact on search engine results, Google wouldn't put so much effort into making it harder to manipulate them. Download ARELIS now and build real incoming links from related web sites to improve your search engine rankings.

Web site promotion software tools

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