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Evolving societal norms and ways of conducting business call for evolutions on the communications front.

Evolving societal norms and ways of conducting business call for evolutions on the communications front.

As one of Texas’ leading boutique marketing and public relations agencies, Komet Marketing Communications is rolling out new and enhanced services for 2022 to ensure small to mid-size businesses have access to key tools needed to successfully communicate with their desired audiences in today’s landscape.

Over the past two years, how businesses and organizations conduct business and relate to one another has evolved significantly. New social movements have gained traction. People are leaving their jobs and trying new things. Where people go for information can vary greatly depending on who they are and where their interests lie. Today, transition is the name of the game and businesses need to adapt.

“Helping our clients navigate these changing times, has given us a floor seat to changes that are occurring in the marketing and communications realm,” said Leslie Komet Ausburn, CEO of Komet Communications and PRSA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. “Komet is staying ahead of the game, offering a new video production house while enhancing high-need services such as media training, crisis communications, web development, and graphic design. We work diligently to be able to offer what people need, when and where they need it, and we do it at an affordable price.”

A sampling of Komet’s new and enhanced services:

Komet Modern Media… your new video production house
Video content is one of the most emotionally evocative ways to communicate a story… when well executed. The addition of Komet Modern Media means you have access to quick, turnkey, cost-effective video production for social media, websites, presentations, and more.

Media Training… needs rise amidst “The Great Resignation”
Turnover during “The Great Resignation” has been unprecedented. To ensure your new team is ready, media training should be a week two priority. Even seasoned professionals need regular tune-ups to ensure they are on message and able to manage the changing landscape of today’s diverse media.
You never know when an interview request is going to come in—so, being prepared pays tenfold.

Websites… new year, new rules
Komet is changing the way it builds websites to meet evolving needs. Many people want virtual storefronts and businesses. Everything we used to do in-person needs to be accessible online without losing that community feeling and the friendliness of one-on-one communications. We make sure your responsive website is intuitive, easy to manage, evokes the right look and feel, and utilizes important keywords and phrases for good SEO. We offer turnkey support beginning with site needs, analysis and copywriting all the way to website layout and launch.

Graphic Design… we’ve expanded out team
Quick visual messages… this is what you need to entice consumers to take the next step. We’ve expanded our design team to ensure we have the right designers to meet diverse needs and styles. Annual reports, ads, presentations, brochures, billboards, magazines, business cards, e-blast templates, event invitations… we have the right designer for you.

Digital Advertising… reaching people where they are
Step one in advertising… reach people where they are. And we all know 85% of internet users do so from their mobile phones! So, digital advertising continues to be one of the most critical tools in a comprehensive marketing and communications plan. Our research and advertising are up-to-date on evolving digital trends and how to negotiate the best rates.

“Remember, effective marketing and communications is never about perfecting just one tactic. It’s about how numerous tactics work together to create a cohesive campaign that saturates your target audience, inspires them to action, and meets your bottom line,” said Komet Ausburn.

To learn more about all of Komet’s award-winning marketing and public relations services, visit http://www.kometcommunications.com.

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