MaxTreeGrid: Ultimate Tool for Operating with Structured Data Presentation

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Submitted by XB Software

Submitted by XB Software

XB Software is pleased to announce the release of cutting-edge AJAX-backed JavaScript treegrid control. MaxTreeGrid is aimed to organize and edit information in grid, tree, or treegrid modes.

This component is dramatically different from other complex JavaScript components by a rich set of powerful features and simple API. MaxTreeGrid allows data loading from numerous data sources whether from server side script such as PHP, JSP, ASP, and others, or JS, XML, CSV, JSON, HTML. Advanced filtering and sorting capabilities are built into MaxTreeGrid, and can be easily extended according to custom preferences.

Performance and size

MaxTreeGrid component is faster than any similar existing competitor and it's size is at least half as much than any other lib with similar features. The entire grid functionality occupies barely 23 kilobytes (gzip compression), thus the smaller library footprint provides an unlimited usage of the component in intranets or back end systems, and allows the use of it on high-loaded pages.


Usually the productivity of JavaScript components offers several problems, but not in the case of MaxTreeGrid. Initially MaxTreeGrid was oriented to operate with huge data, thereby it efficiently displays 100 or 10000 lines datasets with equal effect.

Server compatibility

The component is written in pure JavaScript and doesn’t need to invoke any additional items from the server. MaxTreeGrid is compatible with any server technology. Included in the component are additional libraries to allow link grid with any server side script through any REST-like server side API.

The goal of programmers is to develop a multipurpose product which will allow users to easily create desktop-like solution on web-pages. MaxTreeGrid possesses enough capabilities and features to approach this.

A fully-featured trial version of MaxTreeGrid is available. This version may be used for evaluation purposes only for a period of 30 days. Support is limited for trial users.

To enjoy all multilevel features MaxTreeGrid has to offer, you need to order a full license. Once a full licensed product is taken, customers are qualified to get guaranteed quick support assistance via a ticket system.

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Submitted by XB Software

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