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Over 9000 Internet Marketing Ripoffs Reported

on 07 Jun  Posted by Admin  Category: News  
Webrageous explains the importance of not only having pay per click management, but good quality management, as new evidence shows link between poor management and pay per click failure.
Reno, NV - June 06, 2012 -- New evidence has backed up pay per click marketing firm Webrageous’ long assertion that the failure of many pay per click campaigns is a result of poor management.
As Webrageous Director of Marketing David Chapman explains, advertisers are finding it more and more difficult to find effective pay per click management for their campaigns and their online advertising is suffering as a result.

This is particularly the case in 2012 where Internet marketing fraud is rife. As is the nature of the beast, as the need for pay per click management rises, so too do the number of people willing to abuse that need.

This rise in poor quality and unqualified pay per click management has led to the failure of many advertisers’ pay per click campaigns. Ripoff Report has already had over 9000 reports of Internet marketing fraud, scams and lawsuits since it started in 2000. This figure has risen rapidly in 2012.

Likewise, the Complaints Board has registered numerous complaints this year from advertisers complaining of Internet marketing fraudsters and the damage that poor pay per click management has done to their campaigns.

“Unfortunately, frauds are on the rise and online advertisers are paying the price,” Mr. Chapman said. “Advertisers, many of which are small, struggling US businesses, need to be warned about this downslide in quality of pay per click management.

“At Webrageous, we want to make sure that advertisers are thoroughly informed about the risks of trusting their Internet marketing to pay per click management fraudsters and of the importance of looking for experience, recommendations and qualifications.”

Luckily, Mr. Chapman explains, there are a few ways to check if a particular pay per click management firm has experience as well as your best interests at heart.

Check the pay per click management firm’s ability to advertise its own services. They should have high pay per click and SEO abilities and therefore the company itself should rank well across the search engines.

Look for complaints or reviews of the particular pay per click management firm. You can also check the Better Business Bureau to see what ranking they have or if they are ranked at all.

Have a look at what sort of information is available on the pay per click management firm’s website. You can see if they have won any awards, how many years experience they have, what services they offer and what qualifications they possess and then double-check these facts by doing a bit of your own research online.

Look for testimonials by other clients. The best pay per click management firms should have excerpts by current or former clients who are more than willing to provide written and video testimonials of how the firm has helped them boost conversions and improve their online advertising campaigns.

If the pay per click management firm offers up advice, for example in the form of a blog, then this is a very good sign that they are truly interested in helping current and potential clients achieve pay per click marketing success.

Webrageous advises that there are also a few ways to tell if the pay per click management you have hired is below par.

If the pay per click management firm you have hired is not contactable at all times – during working hours, obviously, but also after hours if there is an emergency – then you should be worried.

A sign of poor pay per click management is if you are not receiving weekly reports that highlight important information about your advertising campaigns that are easy to read.

If your pay per click campaign is performing poorly then that is a sign that you are a victim of poor pay per click management. However, it is important to note that it can take up to one month for the best pay per click management firms to achieve results. That is why it is always best to choose your team of pay per click managers carefully at the start.

Make sure you are not being treated like just another number. If the