So, Founder of SearchRPM, Michael Ramirez thought, "why not turn that angst on its head with a spoof video?" For your viewing pleasure, SearchRPM announced the release of the SEO Spoof Video. It’s a hilarious take on one company’s quest to get their SEO on track as they hit one roadblock after another.

“The SEO struggle is real,” says SearchRPM Founder Michael Ramirez. “So many of our clients have experienced the issues that are highlighted in the video. It’s a big reason why many businesses just give up, which is part of the problem SearchRPM is trying to fix.”

Recently, SearchRPM expanded its offerings to include a 3-step platform that makes SEO management much easier for companies, agencies, and DIY SEOs. Instead of spending hours (and a significant chunk of the monthly marketing budget) trying to get answers from an untested SEO company, website owners can get information from SearchRPM in a matter of minutes.

By simply typing the URL into SearchRPM’s custom analysis tool, users can receive a report that provides a rundown of the technical, on-page and online PR issues that are negatively impacting SEO efforts. From there, website owners can choose a plan that addresses the issues in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Once the plan is underway, website owners can log in to their SEO dashboard to track progress and measure the results.

The new tools and novel approach to SEO were developed to help demystify the process and give more businesses the opportunity to optimize their website. As the need for SEO increases, SearchRPM is providing a solution that can help search engine optimization go mainstream.


SearchRPM is a digital marketing company in Austin TX that’s at the epicenter of the online ecosystem. Company founder Michael Ramirez recognized the need for a different kind of SEO company after gaining an understanding of how customers perceived the search engine optimization industry. With each campaign over the years, Michael implemented, measured and evolved the approach, applying traditional marketing principles and strategies to the world of SEO.

SeachRPM and Michael Ramirez have been featured at SXSW 2017, MediaTechWeek and will host a meetup at SXSW 2018 on the current and future SEO trends. The evolution of traditional and modern marketing is now the basis of SearchRPM. Contact the Creative Minds Behind SearchRPM.