Announces Release of Artificial Intelligence Copywriting Tool for SEO, Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3

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07 Aug
 None    News and collaborate to launch GPT-3 artificial intelligence tool for SEO copywriting, powered by OpenAI and collaborate to launch GPT-3 artificial intelligence tool for SEO copywriting, powered by OpenAI (, a search engine optimization (SEO) agency, in collaboration with (, a custom software development company, has launched (, a tool that makes it easier for businesses and individuals to generate web copy.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries face a similar dilemma online: getting attention and standing out. Most brands use a combination of different marketing and advertising strategies to get this attention and differentiate themselves from their competitors. For a campaign to succeed, it needs a set of compelling, unique copy – persuasive writing that concisely makes a point and motivates a web user to take an action (such as clicking a link, buying a product, or watching a video). ( aims to make it easier to generate copy for these purposes. Generating copy is challenging for several reasons, even if one is experienced in the field. Persuasive writing isn’t intuitive, and to be successful, writers need to ensure it’s unique. On top of that, copy is needed for dozens of channels and applications, including ads, email newsletters, blogs, and websites. uses an artificial intelligence (AI) engine to “learn" about a company or product by extrapolating sentiment from existing marketing materials, and generating unique copy based on that. Users can choose from a variety of different tones for the copy generated, including “friendly,” “professional,” or “adventurous,” and can choose from a number of different formats for the created copy. The AI-powered components of the tool were created using the API from OpenAI and GPT-3, OpenAI’s AI system for natural language generation.

The tool’s primary focus is SEO, generating copy that’s optimized for search engines. Optimized copy increases the likelihood of a website ranking highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of search engines like Google. SEO is the specialty of, the agency responsible for the’s creation and ongoing support.

Several AI-based copy generation tools currently exist, but is unique because of its SEO potential and low price point. Users who sign up for the tool now get 1,000 free “credits,” which they can use to spend on words generated by the tool. Pricing is incremental and done on a rolling basis, so users pre-pay only for the copy they need. There are no commitments, no minimums, and no monthly fees. is especially useful for companies looking to generate large amounts of copy for SEO and other digital marketing purposes. This tool makes it possible to quickly and easily produce content that might otherwise take weeks and save money in the process.

“SEO is challenging, expensive, and confusing for newcomers,” said Nate Nead, Principal of both and “But it shouldn’t be. The internet is a big place with room for everyone who wants to use it to build and promote a business, so we believe SEO should be more accessible. is a tool that makes SEO copywriting simpler, faster, and cheaper – and therefore more accessible to a wide range of options. While it may not immediately replace our blog writing services ( we do expect it to help it greatly augment it.”

The creators of are optimistic about the future of the tool. They have plans for future expansion and development, including a set of more dynamic tools for both copywriting and software development. The developers also plan to lengthen the content prompts currently available through and provide more customization options to end-users.

“We don’t want this tool to remain stagnant. We want it to evolve, so it can continue serving the needs of marketers and business owners well into the future – and do it better,” Nead added. is currently live and available in public beta. Users interested in trying the tool can sign up for a free account and get 1,000 free credits to use on AI-generated copy.

About ( is a search engine optimization (SEO) agency that offers a number of digital marketing services, including SEO, content creation, pay per click (PPC) ad management, link building (see, and public relations (PR) management. aims to help businesses of all industries and sizes (including Fortune 500 companies) get more online visibility and more web traffic, while prioritizing quality content and ethical “white hat” tactics. was founded in 2010.


As a sister company to, ( is a custom software development and staffing agency with experience in everything from website design to software development in artificial intelligence ( ( is an AI-based copywriting tool that helps marketers generate SEO-optimized copy for web pages, blog intros, ads, product descriptions, and other marketing applications. After entering a few sentences and customizing a few settings, users can get access to unique, persuasive copy capable of converting.

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