SEO Company Releases Extensive Report on Top 200 Statistically Significant Google Ranking Factors for SEO

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24 Aug
 None    News releases an extensive SEO guide to understanding the most significant ranking factors in Google’s search engine algorithm. releases an extensive SEO guide to understanding the most significant ranking factors in Google’s search engine algorithm.

SEO Company, is pleased to announce the release of the company’s latest guide, which outlines the top 200 Google ranking factors for SEO in 2022. The company’s newly released guide outlines 200 of the 2,000+ factors scanned that are currently contributing to a site’s ranking (or not ranking) in online search. The company has listed the factors in order of statistical significance, showcasing the low-hanging fruit webmasters can use in their own efforts to bolster their online rankings.
Despite popular belief that link building is the number one SEO ranking factor in Google, the statistics tell a different story,” says Ryan Nead, VP of Marketing at “In fact, the number one factor in how a site can rank in Google for the terms that matter is that the page is fully diversified across dozens of the top 200 factors,” he says. “The problem that many marketers experience is diminishing returns by focusing on only a handful of factors when trying to rank a page for a particular term or basket of terms. No, the best SEO comes from years of tuning and working on a given page, honing that page to the top of search. Yes, backlinks are a significant piece, but not the only or even the most important piece.”

Google ranking factors are used to evaluate your site and determine where it should appear in the search results. The more of these the better. There's a lot of debate on how much each factor impacts your rankings, but one thing is certain, website owners will need as many as possible, especially if they are trying to rank for competitive terms online.

Our SEO ranking factors analysis will help you to get a clear picture on what the Google algorithm is looking for when crawling your website, especially compared to similar, competing sites. A well prepared SEO ranking factors strategy will improve the chances of getting higher on search engine result pages by taking a look at your on-page SEO factors and finding ways to exploit the success of your competitors.

“Our on-page SEO services help place our clients’ sites and webpages on an even playing field with even some of the largest competitors online,” says Nead. “Our research for on-page factors that contribute in a statistical way to a page’s success give us a major competitive advantage when it comes to ranking client websites.”

The SEO company takes a critical look at all the on-page and off-page factors in a holistic manner. For instance, understanding how

“Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world and its ranking algorithms are also top secret. But these factors play a huge role in getting your site ranked on Google,” Nead says.


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