SEO PowerSuite Releases a New Feature for Efficient Keyword Grouping

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07 Sept
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SEO PowerSuite has released a new multi-functional keyword grouping feature within their Rank Tracker tool update.

SEO PowerSuite has released a new multi-functional keyword grouping feature within their Rank Tracker tool update.

SEO PowerSuite, a leading professional search engine optimization technology company, has introduced a fully updated keyword grouping tool with the new functionality and smooth workflow. The tool has been released as a part of the company’s Rank Tracker keyword research and position monitoring tool.

The new keyword grouping feature allows SEOs to easily manage thousands of keywords via creating subfolders for topical clustering. This functionality is wrapped into the intuitive tree-view list, which lets users easily visualize the structure of topics and subtopics. This, in turn, makes keyword management and content planning more efficient.
The simplicity and intuitiveness of the new keyword grouping feature are also reached with the help of the drag-and-drop function implemented in the software. Now users only need to drag the keyword (or several ones) and drop it to the group of choice. The same drag-and-drop functionality is applied to the tree-view list of groups, meaning that users can now easily drag subtopics to different parent groups whenever needed.

One more peculiarity of the keyword grouping update is that Rank Tracker now synchronizes the contents and structure of keyword groups between the Sandbox module (where all the found keywords are stored) and Keyword Map (where only tracked keywords are placed). This lets SEOs save tons of time as the changes introduced in one module are automatically applied to the other. This creates a smoother workflow between keyword research and rank-tracking processes.

The updated tool also lets users automatically group keywords by topic according to the level of semantic similarity determined by the software algorithm. The level of semantic similarity varies from high to low and is manually tuned by users. The higher the similarity level is, the smaller the groups and the closer the relations between keywords are, and vice versa.

“Managing hundreds of keywords is one of the biggest challenges for SEOs, and I'm happy we've managed to streamline this painful process,” says Aleh Barysevich, the Co-Founder and CMO of SEO PowerSuite.

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