SEO Werkz Announces 2022 Acquisitions Including Climb, Marlin, and Firetoss

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24 Jan
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SEO Werkz, a leader in both local and national SEO and digital marketing services across hundreds of industries, is proud to announce some of its major recent acquisitions for the year 2022!

SEO Werkz, a leader in both local and national SEO and digital marketing services across hundreds of industries, is proud to announce some of its major recent acquisitions for the year 2022!

SEO Werkz has been in operation for over nine years, providing Utah and national business clients with varied digital marketing solutions ranging from search engine optimization and on-site optimization to paid ads, social media marketing, and much more. Here's a breakdown of the company's most notable acquisitions for the year 2022.

SEO Werkz Acquires Climb Marketing

On September 1, 2022, SEO Werkz was proud to complete the acquisition of Michigan-based marketing entity Climb Marketing. Founded by Jeremy Lopatin all the way back in the mid-2000s as a personal project to help his and his wife's tea business get off the ground, Climb Marketing is the culmination of Jeremy's journey to becoming an expert in the world of digital marketing, working with many clients for years to help build their success in the digital space.

Climb Marketing has focused on B2B and enterprise marketing engagements and will allow SEO Werkz to further support our largest entities in robust ways.

"This acquisition adds an amazing team with years of experience to help support our larger SEO engagements," said SEO Werkz CEO Paul Staten. "This will create a focus for us to continue to grow these bigger engagements and expand our focus to large companies in 2023."

This was the fifth acquisition in SEO Werkz history and included the addition of seven new experienced, highly-skilled marketing experts to the team.

SEO Werkz Acquires Marlin Consulting

Just under two months later, on October 4, 2022, SEO Werkz announced the acquisition of Marlin Consulting, a Florida-based SEO, web design and hosting company. Founded all the way back in 2009 in Palm Coast, Florida, Marlin Consulting specializes in web design - including winning numerous awards for website design and related services within Florida and nationally as well. Today, they offer some of the best design rates in the business, plus the same kind of month-to-month contracts that SEO Werkz already offers - with no long-term commitments required of clients.
Marlin Consulting marked the sixth acquisition in SEO Werkz's history and added two seasoned web design professionals to the team.

"The addition of Marlin Consulting supports our web development team with some really tenured experience," Staten said. "We are excited to continue to support their clients under the SEO Werkz umbrella and strive to bring them exciting new services they haven't had access to before!"

SEO Werkz Acquires Firetoss

In its seventh and single largest acquisition yet, one that was carried out on November 1, 2022, SEO Werkz acquired Firetoss, a graphic design and marketing leader in the Utah area. Founded in 2010 by Tony Passey, Firetoss was already well-known in the area for its work with major local entities like the University of Utah, Real Salt Lake, Colliers International and Digicert. Firetoss handles needs ranging from e-commerce store building, website design, digital ad management and much more.

In this major acquisition, 17 experienced Firetoss employees joined the SEO Werkz team. This brought SEO Werkz to a total of 65 US-based employees.

"Firetoss is an addition to the company I have been working on for years," Staten said. "Tony and I have met on and off for years working out details and finally, the stars aligned. We couldn't be more excited to have the Firetoss team add their expertise to augment our team."

All in all, SEO Werkz has added over 25 new employees to its team, in addition to many other services and features that will help them continue to be a leader in the digital marketing space. Says Staten:

"It is going to be an amazing 2023! We are looking forward to continued growth as we strive to do what's right for our clients. We aim to earn the business of every one of our clients. Showing a return on investment very early on is our focus! We have been able to build up to over 800 running SEO campaigns and over 350 Google Ad campaigns, all investing with us month over month because they see the value that we bring. This is our passion!"

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