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The Future of MetaSearch

on 26 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Search Engines  
by Rob Sullivan

There is a new application out which, to me at least, indicates where the future of search is going.

It is a desktop application called Blinkx and it is pretty amazing.

What caught my eye about this product was that it is probably one of the first real desktop based, local and web integrated search tools. In other words, when you perform a search through the Blinkx application, it not only searches through various web sources, it also searches local word docs, pdf's, powerpoint's, excel sheets, and even emails. What else is cool about this application is that it is supposed to learn while you search and refine results. I must say that I have only been using it for a couple of days and already the results are getting better.

The only drawback I have found is that their web index is relatively small - 40 million pages - but I am certain it will grow now that their desktop search is out.

But what else the program did for me was help me to come to the realization that this is the future of search.

While big players like Google, Yahoo! and MSN are working towards building the best search engine, Blinkx I think has opened our eyes towards what search should be.

I like to think of it as a Metasearch. Not Metasearch engine, but a Metasearch solution. Because not only does it search all of those local resources, but it also searches their web index, as well as thousands of news sites, blogs, shopping sites and even video clips.

To me this is what the web is lacking - a really good single source of information. While Google and Yahoo! seem to have shifted their focus to monetize search, they also seem to be forgetting that many people use search to find non-commercial products and services. Blogs, news, even archives of radio and TV broadcasts - other sources of information which haven't been available from a single source.

Google does a pretty good job of this now, with Google Groups, News and Froogle, but there are other sources of information which they could provide.

I think to be the truly 1 stop web service, the engines have to realize and become that single point of entry - the Metasearch service which truly does provide all of the information you are looking for with one click of the mouse button.

Blinkx has come a long way towards that end goal and I think the engines can learn a lot from what they are doing. I just hope they do.

Rob Sullivan
Production Manager

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