WebiMax Announces Release of Updated WebsiteAnalysis.com

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The world-leading digital marketing firm, WebiMax, released a complete refresh of their website analyzer tool on WebsiteAnalysis.com.

The world-leading digital marketing firm, WebiMax, released a complete refresh of their website analyzer tool on WebsiteAnalysis.com. This proprietary, application was originally developed exclusively by WebiMax's internal development division and has since made some crucial changes to stay in line with Google and their updates in 2018.

The newly updated tool is user-friendly and will allow any user to instantly discover all of the main issues that are both right and wrong on their website. As a leading SEO company, WebiMax wants the user to gain a long-term understanding of the factors that impact their search rankings and overall online visibility.

Two main objectives of the update included a faster, modern redesign for better usability and an enhancement in elements to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Some of the new features to the tool include Google’s updated ranking factors such as mobile optimization, page-speed SSL review.

“The updated tool can give the user their report in less than 60 seconds, which is much quicker than the time it took from our older tool,” says Ken Wisnefski, WebiMax CEO & Founder.

Wisnefski continued, “When users come to a tool such as this they want immediate answers to their websites issues instead of waiting several minutes like others.”

WebsiteAnalysis.com offers extensive overviews of key SEO elements such as on-page content, title tags, link profile, page speed, social media metrics, mobile and desktop usability, and many other key metrics.

“What we like the most about the update is that the very end of the report shows a detailed list of recommendations based on the report’s findings and priority levels on how important those recommendations are impacting their site.”

Once the user inputs their details they are immediately sent an email that contains their report in PDF format. A newly added feature is the reports can also be generated in HTML format for the user to see in their browser.

Wisnefski says, "just like the old version, WebsiteAnalysis.com is still a free tool that anyone can use to discover key metrics related to their website.”

This update is important for WebiMax and is a testament to the brand's capabilities and technical expertise of the key elements that are used in the digital marketing world with an extensive focus on SEO.

WebiMax continues to provide free services to the search engine optimization community that can be leveraged to learn what key elements may be holding their website back from Google’s competitive search results.

WebiMax did mention that they are currently working on additional free tools that members of the search community can leverage to get a leg up on the competition.

About WebiMax:

Driven for success, WebiMax helps its clients achieve tremendous returns via their online marketing efforts. Led by serial web entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, Ken Wisnefski, WebiMax has established itself as one of the most respected digital marketing firms worldwide. WebiMax is proud to provide solutions that positively impact clients ranging from early phase start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. With offices located in New Jersey, California, London and Sydney, WebiMax delivers results. For more information, visit us at WebiMax.com or call 1-888-932-4629.

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