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Link-Assistant.Com Releases New Reports in SEO PowerSuite

on 10 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

After months of surveying SEO PowerSuite users, the company has included all the requests into the data-rich and customizable SEO reports.

Link-Assistant.Com, a leading provider of SEO software for search professionals, announced today the release of new reports in SEO PowerSuite. The update gives users full control over the data they report on, more customizability options, and new report widgets and templates with even more SEO data. SEOs can try out these customizables by downloading SEO PowerSuite's free version. The functionality is available in full in the Enterprise edition of the product.

What exactly has changed in the SEO PowerSuite reports:

1. Advanced filtering for more control.
Users can now choose the exact factors they want to report on and apply advanced filtering to only include the data you need.

2. On-page report based off TF-IDF.
With WebSite Auditor reports, SEOs can now measures keyword usage with the same formula Google determines relevance.

3. Rank history and progress graph for every keyword.
Webmasters can pick different time periods to display on their progress graphs and in their rank history tables, and limit the number of records to keep their reports concise.

4. Tag distribution widget.
When evaluating backlinks, analyzing pages, assessing link prospects, or breaking down keywords by searcher intent, SEO PowerSuite customers can now employ a tag distribution widget.

5. Two new widgets in site audit reports.
WebSite Auditor's reports now include 2 new widgets, Pages and Resources, to report on site structure and crawlabilty problems.

6. More compact and stylish.
The reports are now more compact with reduced spacing between lines, and more stylish with 2 new dark color schemes.

“Hundreds of digital marketing agencies and big brands rely on SEO PowerSuite reports to make themselves accountable in terms of their SEO progress to their clients and colleagues, so it’s our top priority to make sure the reports are top-notch,” says Aleh Barysevich, Founder and CMO, SEO PowerSuite.

“Over the past several months, our Support team has been diligently collecting user feedback on SEO PowerSuite reports. We asked what the users liked, what they didn’t quite like, and what they felt the reports lacked. Today, we’re happy to release the big update users asked for,” continues Barysevich.

More information about the new reports is available at the SEO PowerSuite’s blog.

About Link-Assistant.Com and SEO PowerSuite
Link-Assistant.Com is an industry-leading software house, with a focus on developing tools for smarter internet marketing. The company’s range of products includes SEO PowerSuite (end-to-end internet marketing tools) and the recently-launched Awario (an online app for monitoring social and web mentions). To stay on top of Link-Assistant.Com news, sign up to the blog updates and follow the company in social media: Facebook and Twitter @LinkAssistant.

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