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The Top 3 Pay-Per-Click Platforms Of 2019 – Plus, The Top 34 PPC Agencies, According To DesignRush

on 29 Mar  Posted by Admin  Category: Internet Related  

86 of Americans search the internet for local businesses that suit their needs – and DesignRush determined the top PPC platforms that can cultivate successful campaigns and help consumers find what they are looking for.

Upwards of 86  of Americans regularly search online to find local businesses that match their specific needs.

What’s more, 40 of in-store purchases start with an online search. And in 2019, pay-per-click advertisements are one of the most effective ways to place businesses in front of targeted consumers., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, determined the best pay-per-click platforms that attract consumers, increase clicks and grow businesses. These platforms are proven to valuable potential customers and provide fast growth.

The top 3 pay-per-click platforms of 2019 are:

1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is arguably the most popular platform for pay-per-click advertisements. In fact, every $1 spent on Google AdWords can create a return on investment of $2 or more.

Research also shows that users will spend 10 more within a store if they have previously engaged with a Google AdWords ad prior to visiting the store.

In order to create a successful PPC ad campaign on Google, brands should: 

  • Segment and test different audiences
  • A/B test different advertisements
  • Rotate ads to ensure proper optimization
  • And more!

2. Bing Ads

Although most consumers gravitate Google, brands shouldn’t underestimate the power of Bing. In fact, Bing Ads often have lower cost-per-clicks than Google, which can ultimately use budgets more efficiently and increase revenue faster.

Additionally, brands that utilize Bing Ads can gain access to a wider range of potential customers. And when they cast their marketing net wide, brands improve their opportunity to boost their bottom line.

Many Bing users have the following characteristics:

  • Age 35 and older
  • One-third have household incomes that supersede $100 thousand
  • Bing users tend to be less technologically savvy
  • And more!

3. Social Media

Search engines are not the only platform for paid media PPC advertisements. Social media’s ever-growing presence has created an environment for the pay-per-click model to thrive.

Brands can create PPC advertisements on the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • And more!

“Pay-per-click ads fill a particularly useful niche for businesses,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “Businesses that need to fulfil an immediate goal, such as a fast lift in website traffic or campaign awareness, will benefit immensely from PPC ad campaigns on Google, Bing and social media.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the top local and global pay-per-click firms. Some of the top PPC companies from around the world include:

1. A.T.G. Photography & Marketing

A.T.G. Photography & Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency. They focus on helping small businesses and professionals get new clients with a data-driven approach. They help service-based businesses who are looking for help with branding and growing their business. With A.T.G. Photography & Marketing, small business owners and professionals can concentrate on running sales calls and servicing clients while the agency takes care of everything else. They specialize in data-driven Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Visit A.T.G. Photography & Marketing

2. Advertise Robot

Advertise Robot stands behind their work and won't charge clients hefty fees for years before putting them on Google. They don't get paid until they show results, so naturally, Advertise Robot will do the best possible work for brands, as no other agency is more motivated to work hard for clients than an agency that only gets paid for results.

Visit Advertise Robot at:

3. Amplitude Digital Inc.

Amplitude Digital, a leading SEO and PPC search marketing agency in Los Angeles, delivers sales and leads using data-centric strategies that reduce wasteful media spend and grow revenue. Clients depend on their veteran search experts, deep analytic methodology and real-time dashboards to keep ahead of the competition at all times.

Visit Amplitude Digital Inc.

4. ayeT-Studios

Located in Hannover, Germany, ayeT-Studios operates an end-to-end mobile advertising platform to enable brands finding the right traffic channels to acquire high-quality users for their products. Advertisers can find a self-service advertising platform to manage their campaigns in real-time. Advanced fraud protection and campaign optimization tools are in place to increase return-on-investment. Moreover, their support team is happy to assist clients with any questions they may have.

Visit ayeT-Studios

5. Digible Inc.

Digible brings the world's most advanced digital strategies to scale. They solve advertisers’ challenges with sophisticated campaigns, world-class customer service, and a smile. Their clients are also learning that Digible is a three-dimensional shop, distinguished but firmly connected by their digital marketing services, custom research, and killer ad-tech.

Visit Digible Inc.

6. Digital Ethos

Digital Ethos listens to what their clients want and work hand-in-hand with them to provide expert advice, tailored strategies and tactics to meet objectives. They stay one step ahead of the game, constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing digital environment.

Visit Digital Ethos

7. Dilate Digital

Dilate Digital prides itself on being a leader in lead generation, driven by results. Besides focusing on kick-ass digital marketing strategies for clients, they bring to life remarkable crea