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5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

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WebCroppers announces the 5 things businesses should know before hiring a digital marketing agency to help small businesses succeed.

Agencies are sprouting up like weeds in this economic boom. People understand that search engines play a major role in how new customers find their business but they don’t know how to use that to their advantage. That’s where digital marketing agencies come in; but how do businesses choose the right one for their needs. They can be costly and without proper knowledge, people could end up with an agency that turns into a real money pit for their business.

How to Stay Ahead in the Game with an SEO Audit: Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents a New Marketing Webinar With Tips for Mastering Search Engine Optimization

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24 Aug

An SEO audit serves as a deep-dive forensic analysis and gives one insight into how they're really doing with SEO, outlining errors and presenting opportunity where one can improve. To assist business owners with this process, Shweiki Media has teamed up with SEO expert Stephan Spencer to present a new webinar featuring tips for setting up an SEO audit.

For any business owner with a website, it's critical to determine if SEO is where it needs to be and know whether they're getting ranked, not penalized, in the SERPs (search engine results pages). The best way to do that is with an SEO audit -- a “deep-dive forensic analysis” that gives one the ultimate look at how they're doing with SEO, outlines and presents opportunities for improvement.

US Lead Network Now Offering Complimentary Ebook, "Top 5 Ways to Rank Your Medical Website on First Page"

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22 Aug

Top Medical SEO firm, US Lead Network, is now offering a complimentary Ebook, "Top 5 Ways to Rank Your Medical Website on First Page." The Ebook details the top methods that the best SEO professionals utilize to achieve first page rankings time and time again.

One of the takeaways from the book is that it is critical to incorporate a broad approach to internet marketing for a medical practice. Competition is fierce to acquire the best insured or self pay patients these days, and those practices who show up the highest on the search engines stand the best chance.

Niche It Down Provides A Quality Backlinking Options For Agencies

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18 Aug

Niche It Down, a provider of niche relevant link placement services, has improved the quality of their link placement in order to continuously ensure a powerful SERP crushing package for their clients.

Common SEO practices are always evolving as Google and other leading search engines update their algorithms to provide a more pointed search experience for users. Because of this, it has become imperative that SEO agencies adapt to these changes in practice. However, it can be difficult to keep up with these changes when they are also managing dozens or hundreds of clients. Businesses such as Niche It Down help such agencies provide their own clients with quality backlinking strategies that have been tested, tweaked, and perfected in order to provide powerful SERP crushing results.

RevBuilders Digital Marketing Helps Companies Put 2017 SEO Best Practices Into Action

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12 Jul

Search Engine Land has updated its Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, and RevBuilders is ready to help online brands figure out where they stand with optimization and what they need to change.

The table, which was originally launched by Search Engine Land in 2011, is meant to provide agencies, brands and SEO companies with a high-level understanding of how the SERPs are treating content and pages. The online marketing news site updated the table in 2013 and 2015, and it made the decision to upgrade again this year.

How the canonical tag can hurt your search engine rankings

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Article by Axandra
SEO software

Every website has pages that can be requested with different URLs. This can lead to duplicate content issues with search engines.

Several things can lead to duplicate pages with different URLs:

Time is precious: things you can avoid when you optimize your website

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Article by Axandra
SEO software

Time is limited and you cannot do everything when you optimize your web pages. If you focus on the wrong things, you will waste a lot of time and money. There are some things that you can do to make sure that you optimize your website as efficiently as possible.

Sales and Marketing Can't Get Along; Clickback Points Out Why

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06 Jun

Conflicts between sales and marketing have existed since the beginning of commerce. In today’s lightning-paced speed of business, companies can no longer afford to engage in petty wars but must cooperatively move forward.

In companies it has been common for many years for sales and marketing to be in conflict over budget, pricing, and seemingly endless other issues1. Probably the most common bone of contention—and one which most markedly affects company survival and revenue—is lead quality. But as pointed out by Clickback, a Software as a Service (SaaS) B2B lead generation company, in today's frantic pace of commerce and the need for a common, team-oriented approach from companies, it is vital that sales and marketing be brought into accord2.

Today's Sold Out Social Shake-Up in Atlanta will Bring Together 500 Social Media Innovators

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The Sold Out Social Shake-Up Show starting today, May 22-24 in Atlanta Will Bring Together 500 Forward-Thinking Social Media Professionals from Brands like Google, Twitter, Evite, American Cancer Society, Ogilvy and SAP

The Social Shake-Up Show (May 22 – 24), the leading social media marketing conference in the U.S., today announced that the 2017 show has sold out with over 500 forward-thinking social media professionals who will be in attendance. Snapchat pioneer and entrepreneur Shaun “Shonduras” McBride will be joined by Coca-Cola’s global group director for digital communications & social media, as well as Southwest Airline’s vice president of communications to give conference attendees “a-ha” moments that will help them effectively break through the noise and drive better business outcomes for their brands.

A Lightweight SSL Library or Embedded SSL Library for Developers

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03 May

Digital security has become the concern of the century. You owe it to your users to provide top-level security in all your apps and devices. wolfSSL is designed primarily for integration with real-time operating systems, resource-contained environments and embedded systems. Its lightweight nature makes it the perfect choice for any situation where storage space is limited, since it's 20 times smaller than the popular OpenSSL solution. However, despite being a lightweight solution, it offers progressive ciphers including RABBIT, HC-128 and NTRU. Making it even more suitable for standard operating environments is the fact that it is offered with excellent cross-platform compatibility and royalty-free pricing.

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