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Sales and Marketing Can't Get Along; Clickback Points Out Why

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06 Jun

Conflicts between sales and marketing have existed since the beginning of commerce. In today’s lightning-paced speed of business, companies can no longer afford to engage in petty wars but must cooperatively move forward.

In companies it has been common for many years for sales and marketing to be in conflict over budget, pricing, and seemingly endless other issues1. Probably the most common bone of contention—and one which most markedly affects company survival and revenue—is lead quality. But as pointed out by Clickback, a Software as a Service (SaaS) B2B lead generation company, in today's frantic pace of commerce and the need for a common, team-oriented approach from companies, it is vital that sales and marketing be brought into accord2.

Today's Sold Out Social Shake-Up in Atlanta will Bring Together 500 Social Media Innovators

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The Sold Out Social Shake-Up Show starting today, May 22-24 in Atlanta Will Bring Together 500 Forward-Thinking Social Media Professionals from Brands like Google, Twitter, Evite, American Cancer Society, Ogilvy and SAP

The Social Shake-Up Show (May 22 – 24), the leading social media marketing conference in the U.S., today announced that the 2017 show has sold out with over 500 forward-thinking social media professionals who will be in attendance. Snapchat pioneer and entrepreneur Shaun “Shonduras” McBride will be joined by Coca-Cola’s global group director for digital communications & social media, as well as Southwest Airline’s vice president of communications to give conference attendees “a-ha” moments that will help them effectively break through the noise and drive better business outcomes for their brands.

A Lightweight SSL Library or Embedded SSL Library for Developers

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03 May

Digital security has become the concern of the century. You owe it to your users to provide top-level security in all your apps and devices. wolfSSL is designed primarily for integration with real-time operating systems, resource-contained environments and embedded systems. Its lightweight nature makes it the perfect choice for any situation where storage space is limited, since it's 20 times smaller than the popular OpenSSL solution. However, despite being a lightweight solution, it offers progressive ciphers including RABBIT, HC-128 and NTRU. Making it even more suitable for standard operating environments is the fact that it is offered with excellent cross-platform compatibility and royalty-free pricing.

Clearlink Launches Performance-Oriented Digital Media Services Division

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Clearlink, a SYKES company, and leading provider of digital marketing and conversion services for consumer and business brands, announced today the launch of its digital media services division. Industry-leading digital marketing strategist, Ada Pally joined Clearlink as Vice President of Digital Media Services and will build its digital agency division.

Founded in 2003, Clearlink partners with the world's leading brands to extend their reach, drive valuable transactions, and deepen consumer insight. The company’s digital agency division will leverage Clearlink’s expertise in four types of core services: 1) digital marketing services (SEM, SEO, social, etc.), 2) creative services (content, design, video, etc.), 3) digital technology services (website development, CMS management, dynamic call routing, etc.), and 4) data science services (analytics, CRO, data management, etc.). With the launch of its digital media services division the company will diversify and expand its predominantly business-to-consumer partner base to include e-commerce, retail, SaaS, and business-to-business enterprise.

ClickReady Marketing Introduces Enhanced Marketing Automation

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01 May

ClickReady Marketing Now Offering Automated Marketing Services.

ClickReady Marketing is excited to provide its customers dozens of new digital marketing capabilities through SharpSpring marketing automation. In addition to behavioral-based email marketing campaigns, the software provides analytics that help create better landing pages, on-site forms, and visitor tracking.

Debunking the Myth; Outbound Marketing Actually Facilitates Inbound Efforts

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28 Apr

Traditional marketing wisdom has held for the last 20 years that outbound marketing is dead, and that inbound is the only way in B2B marketing—yet Clickback says that outbound marketing and sales can actually help inbound.

Over the last couple of decades, it’s been said that inbound marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing—but it’s become obvious that inbound marketing can’t be effective without a measure of trust, 1 and such trust cannot occur unless a relationship between the seller and the prospect is begun, developed and continued. 2 Clickback, a software as a service company, tells us that – in some cases – such a relationship cannot exist without outbound marketing and sales taking place.

Hereford SEO Firm Launches Article Analysing The Google ‘Fred’ Ranking Update

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25 Apr

Serendipity Online Marketing, a Hereford, United Kingdom digital marketing agency, launched a report on the possible ranking effects of Fred, Google’s latest unofficial update.

Serendipity Online Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Hereford, United Kingdom, launched a new report analyzing the latest unofficial Google update called Fred.

Link-Assistant.Com Introduces TF-IDF Tool to WebSite Auditor

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The new tool provides smarter keyword ideas and optimization advice for semantic SEO.

Link-Assistant.Com, the company behind professional software for full-cycle SEO campaigns, announced today the release of TF-IDF tool in WebSite Auditor. The just-added feature is aimed at search professionals, who want to perform algorithmic keyword research and on-page analysis with semantic search trends in mind. WebSite Auditor is one of the four tools in SEO PowerSuite, the all-in-one SEO software by Link-Assistant.Com, available for free download at the official website

New Basics for Content Marketing: Magnificent Marketing Presents a New Webinar on Must-Know Marketing Principles for 2017

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Successful content marketing involves creating content that's valuable, compelling, relevant and consistent to not only attract, but retain, customers. In this webinar, Magnificent Marketing teams up with expert Joe Pulizzi to present the new basics for content marketing that every company should consider.

Magnificent Marketing is excited to announce that they've teamed up with expert Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute on a webinar featuring the new basics of content marketing.

A Guide to SEO in 2017 with Expert Predictions & 10 Trends

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27 Mar

Vertical Measures announces the release of an in-depth perspective on the future of SEO trends in 2017, containing expert predictions from Julie Joyce, Eric Enge, and more.

SEO is an essential element of a brand's digital footprint in today’s online world. This is true for businesses large and small, B2B or B2C. But what will 2017 bring in the fast-changing landscape of search engine optimization? That’s what Vertical Measures explores in their free downloadable guide just launched, titled The Future of SEO Trends in 2017 & Beyond.

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