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JavaScript and search engine optimization (SEO)

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Article by Axandra
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Over the past few years, Google has dramatically improved the ability to index web pages that require JavaScript to display their content. Can you get high rankings with JavaScript-only web pages? If Google can index your JavaScript pages, will they also rank your pages?

How fast can you see results from your SEO campaign?

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26 Feb

Article by Axandra
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-efficient Internet marketing strategies. However, there's one thing to consider: While you get immediate results with paid click advertising (Google AdWords), SEO is a long-term investment.

That's the reason why most SEO agencies require you to sign a contract for a minimum of six months or a year. Which results can you expect after doing SEO work for about a year?

How to Improve Google Ranking: Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents a New Webinar Featuring Expert SEO Tips

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23 Feb

The first and most important thing one should worry consider with their website is ensuring that people can find it - that's where SEO comes in. Shweiki Media has teamed up with Stephan Spencer - SEO expert and author - to present a new webinar featuring quick, easy steps to improve Google ranking.

One of the most important things regarding a website is, of course, getting people to find it - and this is where SEO comes in. This week, Shweiki Media Printing Company has partnered with expert Stephan Spencer - co-author of The Art of SEO, co-author of Social eCommerce, and author of Google Power Search - to present a new webinar on the importance of SEO and simple steps to improve google ranking quickly.

Clear Imaging’s New Knowledge Base Simplifies Internet Marketing

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Clear Imaging provides small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs with simple, clear and definitive internet marketing strategies which can be easily deployed

Clear Imaging announced today the launch of their new Internet Marketing Knowledge Base Its goal is to educate business owners on how to generate revenue from their website and turn websites from business cards to business generators.

JM Internet Announces New SEO Fitness Workbook 2018, a Book on Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

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18 Dec

The JM Internet Group is a leading publisher of books on digital marketing. The company is announcing the 2018 edition of its popular book on search engine optimization, the SEO Fitness Workbook by Jason McDonald.

The JM Internet Group (, a leader in online SEO training, is proud to announce the publication of the 2018 edition of the SEO Fitness Workbook, one of the most popular books on search engine optimization for small businesses.

Link-Assistant.Com Equips WebSite Auditor with Interactive Site Visualizations

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WebSite Auditor’s update introduces visually-rich graphical maps to spot problems in site architecture, analyze internal link juice, and efficiently explain errors to clients.

Link-Assistant.Com, a professional SEO tools developer, has announced a new Visualization feature for the Site Structure optimization in WebSite Auditor. Subtle and efficient site structure visualizations help to examine in-depth both the whole website and specific pages and reveal all the weak spots with almost zero effort. The update also allows users to apply filters to arrange the visualization the way they like, download the results in different formats, and present their clients with graphical spreadsheet-free reports. The update is available to all WebSite Auditor users (this includes Free, Professional, and Enterprise editions).

How to Conduct a Successful SEO Audit: Magnificent Marketing Presents a New Webinar Featuring Tips for Effectively Analyzing a Website to Find Issues and Opportunities

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08 Nov

Staying ahead in the SEO game of content marketing doesn't just mean keeping on top of best practices, trends, and more, but also ensuring that one's site is properly optimized. Magnificent Marketing has teamed up with SEO expert and bestselling author Stephan Spencer to present a new webinar on how to properly conduct an SEO audit - or a deep-dive analysis that determines how well a website is performing.

Staying ahead in the SEO game of content marketing means keeping on top of best practices, trends, and more. But – and this is a big “but” – how does one know if they're doing enough? How does one catch mistakes, and, more importantly, find opportunities for improvement?

Best SEO Agency Awards Given for October 2017 by 10 Best SEO

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11 Oct
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With a firm understanding that being seen is the first step to a successful business, 10 Best SEO picks the top-performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agencies for this month's list. Boostability and Ignite Visibility achieved third and second place, respectively, with Straight North, a Chicago-based agency, receiving the top spot and the title of Best SEO Agency.

10 Best SEO has just released its list of October 2017 winners in the category of Best SEO Agency, naming Straight North as the top contender.

This is a new monthly award that commends companies for their ability to successfully market their clients and improve their traffic and overall productivity. The award goes to companies that go far beyond the call of duty in customer service, service offerings, success, pricing and other factors. The top businesses have shown excellence in numbers as well as client satisfaction.

HopInTop Publishes Guide To 5 Things All Companies Need To Consider When Hiring SEO Agencies

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HopInTop is an SEO and online marketing agency that has published five new key guidelines for businesses to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency.

HopInTop has today published a comprehensive checklist of considerations for companies looking to enlist an SEO company. The information has been produced in response to a swarm of new clients shifting their services to HopInTop following unsatisfactory experiences with other SEO companies. The guide covers the essentials that should be present in a reputable SEO agency. The 5 items include:

Agent Evolution Announces Newest Product in the Turnkey Suite – Google AdWords Management

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19 Sept

The search engine marketing (SEM) services, offered exclusively for clients with a TurnKey website, will provide instant visibility for agents and brokers, boosting the potential for more leads and sales.

Agent Evolution, a division of IDX, LLC, recently announced the newest product in their TurnKey suite – Google AdWords Management. The search engine marketing (SEM) services, offered exclusively for clients with a TurnKey website, will provide instant visibility for agents and brokers, boosting the potential for more leads and sales.

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