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Top Tips on How To SEO a Website for 2019 by JW Maxx Solutions

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04 Feb

JW Maxx Solutions wants to share some new tips on SEO for the upcoming year. Google changes algorithms frequently. Most companies employ overseas workers that still use techniques from 2008. This will cause devastating damage that causes a website to a penalized.

Google is very picky and rightfully so. At JW Maxx Solutions the company specializes in many different verticals. Some of which are personal reputation management and corporate reputation management along with online review generation.

(New Study) 300 Marketers Reveal Disruptive Shift In Digital Strategy

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by Ignite Visibility reveals key findings in how marketers will shift marketing dollars over the next 2 years.

San Diego-based Ignite Visibility recently released a new study which highlights a growing shift in digital marketing.

The study surveyed businesses in six revenue brackets - under 1 million, 1 to 5 million, 5 to 10 million, 10 to 20 million, 20 to 50 million and over 50 million - in order to gain insight into how they would be investing in digital marketing over the next two years. Additionally, the study analyzed which digital marketing channels would be most popular.

HigherVisibility Releases New Study on Mobile Voice Search Growth

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Mobile voice search use is growing - but not in the way you might expect.

HigherVisibility released a new study on Friday that examines how people use the voice search feature on their mobile phones. The study breaks down voice search use demographically while also analyzing what sorts of voice commands are most common.

HigherVisibility Releases Guide to Understanding Google’s Rich Snippets Feature

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24 Dec

The guide discusses the purpose of Google's rich snippets and how businesses can utilize the tool to help their business grow.

HigherVisibility announced on Tuesday the release of a new guide that discusses one of the more technical aspects of SEO: rich snippets.

Rich snippets are a feature that appears in Google search results pages that allow a search result listing to provide supplementary information. When properly utilized, rich snippets can increase a company’s click-through-rate and even provide more leads.

Google Guaranteed Badge for Local Services Ads Now Available in Canada

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20 Dec
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Learn about the screening process for the new "Google Guaranteed" badge, and how Mrkt360 can help speed up your application.

If you have recently searched for plumbing, locksmith or HVAC services on Google, you may have noticed that some local services have a green checkmark under them labelled “Google Guaranteed”. This is a feature that has recently become available in Canada and helps local businesses strengthen their online reputation and get more clicks on their paid ads.

60% Of Consumers Click On Mobile Ads At Least Once A Week

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Studies show that 60  of consumers will click on mobile ads weekly or more.

Considering that nearly 50 of Internet usage is completed on mobile devices and mobile apps create $188.9 billion in revenue, brands should invest in a of mobile-friendly advertisements to capture new consumers, retarget visitors, and increase conversions.

The Wizard of Google To Speak at DEMA Show Expo for 8th Year

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06 Nov

High 5 Promotions COO provides Google Analytics and online review education for the travel and dive industries.

High 5 Promotions’ COO, and keynote speaker, Steven Huskey, will present at the DEMA Show Expo & Conference for the 8th consecutive year. His two presentations, “Hacking Google Analytics” and “How to Get Online Reviews,” will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center November 14th-17th.

DashThis Releases the Fastest Google AdWords Marketing Reporting Platform to Date

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26 Oct

The recent optimization solidifies this industry leader's place as one of the simplest and most time-efficient marketing reporting tools on the market.

DashThis, a leader in the marketing reporting software industry, recently implemented a new Google AdWords dashboard (now called Google Ads) data fetching process, therefore increasing by an average of 36x their AdWords data loading speed.

HigherVisibility Releases SEO Guide for the WooCommerce E-Commerce Platform

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18 Oct

WooCommerce is used on roughly 35% of all online stores on the web, so how do you stand out from the pack?

HigherVisibility announced on Wednesday the release of a new e-commerce guide that explains how businesses can optimize their online stores by using the WooCommerce platform.

This the third in a string of articles that detail the best SEO practices for a variety of e-commerce platforms. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that acts as an for WordPress websites. According to Managing Partner Adam Heitzman, that places the responsibility of SEO into the hands of the website owner.

Has Google enabled mobile-first indexing for your website? How will this influence your rankings on desktop?

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09 Oct

Article by Axandra
SEO software

Many webmasters have received a "mobile-first indexing enabled for" notification from Google during the last few days. What does this mean? Will your website get better rankings on mobile now? Will your desktop rankings drop?

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