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Do You Really Need To Be In The Search Engines?

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21 Jun
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by Mario Sanchez

Before you spend time and money on search engine optimization, you need to decide if your small business really needs to be in the search engines. It all boils down to answering one basic question: how do your customers usually look for your products and services? In other words: will customers be looking for you on a search engine?

If your business has a local clientele, it is probably not a very effective idea to dedicate resources to getting top search engine rankings.

How to harvest traffic from old pages?

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19 Jun
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by Sumantra Roy

Question : After reading a lot of advice in your past newsletters and on your site, I realized that I need to have lots of good content on my site to get better rankings and traffic. In the last few weeks I have developed fresh content, which I feel confident about. I have added the new content in fresh files with optimized filenames and a more search engine friendly directory structure. My problem is the search engines are still directing traffic to the old pages it has indexed in the past and I do not want to lose that traffic. At the same time, I want viewers (and search engines) to locate and direct traffic to the new content. Any suggestions how can I achieve this. Thanks.

Is targeted advertising a good idea?

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18 Jun
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by Rob Sullivan

Many people don't realize that all of those toolbars that you install in your browser do more than offer you handy links to your favorite search engine. In fact, they also track your online usage.

While some people don't mind, there are others who prefer to remain anonymous online.

So it should come as no surprise that many of the companies that offer toolbars are now (and have been for some time) gathering your habits in order to better serve you advertising.

Simple Server Side Includes

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14 Jun
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By Scottie Claiborne © 2004

Anyone who's ever had to change a multitude of static pages on a site knows what a pain it is to find and change the same snippets of code on one page after another- even using an HTML editor's find-and-replace function can be cumbersome since you have to upload all of the pages to the server again with the new code. Sometimes a page or two will get missed or the find-and-replace function replaces some things you didn't intend to change, so it requires some quality-checking time to run through all the pages and make sure the changes are there.

An easier way to manage pages in your site is by replacing chunks of repeating code, such as your navigation links, with server side include (SSI) files. Instead of repeating the same code over and over, you create a separate file with just that chunk of repeated code in it, then place a line of code on each page that tells the server to insert the contents of a separate file into that spot on the page.

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