Demystifying The Radically Different Keyword Results Provided By Overture..Part1

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10 Jul
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Demystifying The Radically Different Keyword Results Provided By Overture and Wordtracker...because your online success depends on getting accurate keyword counts!
Part 1

by Robin Nobles

The root of all success in search engine marketing begins with keywords. Period. Get them wrong and virtually everything about your online endeavor will fail. Only by targeting the right keywords can one expect to ride that exhilarating magic carpet to online prosperity.

Stating the obvious you say? ...well, if so, then why is it that virtually everyone - professional and amateur alike - is oblivious to the fact they are selecting, and frequently buying, keywords based on highly skewed numbers?

The fact is that very few online marketers understand the results supplied by the two most basic keyword selection tools. These are the very same tools being used globally to hone keyword choices into supposedly laser sharp focus in an effort to keep pace with the challenges of increasingly keen competition and ever-rising keyword pay-per-click costs.

Reputation Management

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08 Jul
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by Rob Sullivan

If you monitor the SEM industry at all you may have noticed a lot of buzz the past week or so about reputation management. That is, using the web to influence your (or someone else's) reputation, either positively or negatively.

Reputation management can be a scary thing, when you start to think about it. Simply because it's so easy to manipulate search results to achieve your goal. Easy in that in many cases it is the number of links which ultimately affect your reputation.

Also known as Google Bombing, the idea is to build as many links as you can on a given keyphrase to artificially inflate your rankings to the top of the search results.

Before Launching Your SEO Campaign

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07 Jul
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by Kalena Jordan

One of the most important aspects of a search engine optimization campaign is also one of the most overlooked - preparation!

As I'm always explaining to my SEO101 students, there are some important steps to take in advance of launching your campaign that will make sure it has a better chance at succeeding.

MSN Search Improvements

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06 Jul
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by Rob Sullivan

By now you have probably heard about the new MSN search look. Launched July 1 of this year, MSN appears to have reworked their ranking algorithms somewhat so that results are displayed in a different manner.

Also, they have changed the appearance of the site, more closely matching Google and Yahoo! with their colored ad boxes and similar fonts.

One would hope that this is merely the beginning of what is supposed to be an impressive search engine.

Strategies to bridge marketing and technology affect the bottom line

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05 Jul
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by Eileen Parzek

Marketing and information technology are two of the most important aspects of any business organization. Traditionally, they have been opposing departments with different agendas, budgets and staff.

Yet, between the two are the skills and resources that power a successful and profitable enterprise.

Consider the strengths and assets of both IT and marketing, and for the moment, banish budget, politics and organizational structure.

Now, consider what your marketing department could accomplish if it had the infrastructure and talents of IT.

Technologists, consider the impact you could have if you understood the vision, positioning and strategic plans of the marketing department.

Hiring a Search Engine Marketer

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01 Jul
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By Scottie Claiborne © 2004

Many website owners put the cart before the horse- anxious for search engine traffic and rankings, the first thing they do once their site is complete is buy a "submit to 1,000 search engines for $29" service. Unfortunately, what they receive is a tenfold increase in e-mail spam but no increase in search engine traffic.

Do-it-yourself SEO is a great way to go- if you've got the time to put in, anyone can effectively optimize a website. However, it makes sense to hire a professional when your time is better spent doing what you do best; running your business.

Where to start? Selecting an internet marketer can be a daunting task. There are a wide range of fee levels as well as different attitudes, strategies and experience levels.

The Googlebot came to call

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30 Jun
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Copyright by
Web site promotion software

Do you want to be automatically informed by email when Google's spider visits your web site?

A search engine spider is an automated software program that locates and collects data from web pages for inclusion in a search engine's database. The name of Google's spider is "Googlebot".

If you have a web site that allows you to use PHP code then your web pages can inform you when Google's spider has indexed them.

Copywriting and Your Five Senses

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28 Jun
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by Karon Thackston © 2004

In its most basic form, copywriting is, among other things, the art of conveying a message in writing for the purpose of persuading someone to do something. This is especially true when writing descriptive copy. Why? Because your customer's five senses don't work on paper. they only work in person. That's why we, as copywriters, have to create a sensory experience for our customers through our words.

Have you ever stopped to consider copywriting as a sensory activity? You should. As I said, in order to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel a product, we have to be in the presence of that product. All too often, when copywriters create descriptions, they leave a lot to be desired. There is no excitement, no interaction, no experience. Descriptions should be, well. descriptive. Effective descriptions should fill the gap of what customers would see, hear, smell, taste, or feel if they were standing in the presence of the product. Effective descriptions should draw customers in and create an actual event. as if they were able to be right there with you.

Best Bets Search Enhancement Introduced by Thunderstone

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26 Jun
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Web and intranet managers have a new way to help users navigate their sites. The Thunderstone Search Appliance "Best Bets" feature lets administrators easily designate pages to be highlighted or forced to the top within regular search results.

Best Bets provides, in effect, a private version of the sponsored listings familiar to web search engine users. The difference is that on one's own web site, there are no placement fees! Best Bets is available now in the Search Appliance as well as in Thunderstone's Texis software.

Thunderstone developed Best Bets in response to the increasing complexity of customer intra-nets and web sites. When common searches return hundreds or more result links within your site, the pages considered best by management may differ from those ranked highest by relevance algorithms. Best Bets provides management a simple way to influence results in advance -- and to change the ranking settings at any time.

Inside the Mind of the Searcher Part II: Search Behavior Explored

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25 Jun
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by Gord Hotchkiss

I've have to say I've been amazed by the response we've had to our first forays into researching the behavior patterns of internet searchers. Since we released them in March and April, almost 3000 marketers have downloaded our two white papers. They've been quoted in dozens of forums and blogs. Articles have been written in almost every major search engine marketing portal. And it seems that our message is getting through to more people.

Search marketers have to step back from our obsession with tactics and look at the bigger strategic picture. We have to understand behaviors of our target customers. We have to fully explore the nature of their online experience. We have to understand the potential of this marketing channel fully. If we don't, how can we hope to pass along value to our clients?

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