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10 Website Strategies to Optimize Online Performance, According to Take2Strategy’s Gabriel Shaoolian

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12 Jun
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With over 1.7 billion live websites and 380 sites launched every minute, audiences can afford to be highly selective with which sites they visit. Take2Strategy shared the top strategies for brands to optimize their online engagement and conversions.

With over 1.7 billion live websites and 380 sites launched every minute, audiences can afford to be highly selective with which sites they visit.

Take2Strategy's Web Consultant Gabriel Shaoolian highlighted the leading strategies brands can use to optimize their website and drive engagement, conversions and more.

The Top SEO Marketing Companies of 2020, According to Digital Marketing Agency Rating Platform

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03 Mar
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75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of search engine results. identified the best digital marketing companies worldwide that can boost businesses’ search engine rankings to the coveted positions.

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results which leaves most websites in the dark. Namely, Google uses more than 200 factors to rank pages, making websites' path to the top 10 positions difficult.

An increasing number of businesses are turning to SEO experts to increase visibility and outperform their competition in search.

Rio SEO Announces New “Suggestion Engine” Feature to Its Enterprise Local Marketing Platform

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26 Feb
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Rio SEO enhances its existing local marketing platform by adding a layer of corporate oversight and governance to its Local Manager solution, enabling global brands to maintain accurate information across all locations.

Rio SEO, the leading local marketing platform provider for enterprise brands, agencies and retailers, has announced a new Suggestion Engine feature to its Local Manager solution. Built for local governance, Rio SEO’s Suggestion Engine enables both on-the-ground marketers as well as corporate leadership to verify all enterprise location data is compliant, complete and accurate across hundreds and thousands of locations worldwide.

Study: meta descriptions are very important - how to write them

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18 Feb
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Article by Axandra
SEO software

A new study shows that meta descriptions are a very important SEO element. When asked which factor has the most significant impact on their decision to click a result, 62.9% responded it was the description.

Optimized descriptions help you to increase the number of clicks that your listings get. Read this article to learn how to get more clicks with optimized descriptions.

The 9 Best Methods To Generate Content Ideas For Higher Search Rankings in 2020, Digital Silk Reports

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23 Jan
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84.5% of US companies with at least 100 employees utilized digital content marketing strategies in 2019. Digital Silk compiled a list of the most effective methods to generate fresh content ideas for higher website rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) in 2020.

Research shows that 84.5% of US companies with at least 100 employees utilized digital content marketing strategies in 2019, while content marketing strategies generate over 400% more leads per $1000 within 36 months compared to paid search campaigns.

At the same time, small businesses with blogs get 126% higher lead growth than those without, supporting the fact that content lies at the foundation of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Take advantage of ranking in voice search results with The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search by The HOTH

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27 Dec
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The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search by The HOTH reveals the latest and greatest voice search techniques and strategies to make sure marketing messages gets heard, loud and clear, by the ideal target audience.

The HOTH has always led the way in top-notch search engine optimization. Now that voice search has become an important ranking factor and one of the leading ways to get businesses noticed, it's crucial stay up to date and informed on the best strategies and techniques with The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search by The HOTH. It’s part of The HOTH’s newly-released series of guides available on their website to help maximize digital marketing power.

4 on-page SEO strategies most people let slip through the cracks

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20 Dec
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There always seems to be a new SEO strategy that’s waiting in the wings to grab our attention. While we’re busy trying out all of the latest and greatest SEO tactics, it’s easy to forget about tried and true strategies we already know and love. That’s why The HOTH is here to explain of “4 Powerful and Often Forgotten On-Page SEO Strategies to Boost Google Rankings.”

In the ever-changing world of search engine optimization, it’s the duty of digital marketers to stay on top of the fresh and exciting SEO strategies. But, sometimes, there’s already something available that works just as well, or better than, the newest tools and tactics. In other words, sometimes, it’s best to stick to the common powerful On-Page strategies. But, when sorting through the ever-changing SEO playbook, it can be easy to shelve these valuable strategies and, at times, forget that they even existed at all. Well, The HOTH is here to help explain some of the most effective techniques with “4 Powerful and Often Forgotten On-Page SEO Strategies to Boost Google Rankings.”

The HOTH Unravels the Mystery of SEO in “The Ultimate Guide to Google Update History”

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11 Dec
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For anyone in SEO or marketing, it’s critical to keep up with Google’s new updates to understand traffic patterns as well as best practices. In the HOTH’s newly-released list of Google Algorithm Updates, explore the most current SEO updates and get the full story of what’s really going on in the trenches including best practices, strategies, and case studies from the community. Visit the HOTH’s website to download “The Ultimate Guide to Google Update History” today.

Every year Google makes hundreds of updates to their search algorithm, leaving billions of internet users in suspense as to which sites make the cut... and why they’re at the top. In 2018, Google rolled out a massive 3,284 updates, averaging around 9 per day, which was more than 8 times less the updates they made a decade prior. Marketing professionals are left scrambling in the dust. And, the world-wide-web gets tipped upside-down every time Google makes a change to their highly-hailed search equation.

7 Essential Functionalities Of Successful Websites In 2019 -- Plus The Best Web Development Firms That Build Compelling Websites

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19 Nov
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DesignRush determined the best web development companies that build appealing websites and stimulate business growth in the long term.

Over 48% of web users claim that design is the most crucial factor in deciding how credible and trustworthy a website is. Bearing this statistic in mind, having a compelling design has never been more important for company growth.

An appealing design can be the generator of more traffic, higher return on investment, more closed deals and increased profit.

Everyone can create a website, but not all of the businesses can design a site that attracts leads and converts them. For the best design that will bring brands the desired result, businesses should count on the help of the best web design companies.

THE HOTH Releases New Strategy Guide for Insider Tips on Boosting Local SEO

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11 Nov
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The HOTH releases a brand new SEO Guide to help teach businesses how to master local SEO techniques.

Leading SEO agency The HOTH is excited to announce the release of their new Local SEO Guide. The guide was created to help teach businesses insider tips on how to improve their local SEO rankings. These resources and techniques help to ensure that a business is found by their target customers when they perform an online search.

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